Native Americans: The mythologies we have created


Wilcox examines a burned room at an Arizona cliff dwelling

wilcoxMichael Wilcox, author of UC Press’ new The Pueblo Revolt and the Mythology of Conquest: An Indigenous Archaeology of Contact

“I always joke that Indians have been disappearing longer than almost any group in history. The presence of four and a half million Native Americans in the United States is a complete mystery to most people. There is no story that explains what they are still doing here.”

“Indians are depicted as horrified and fascinated by the presence of unfamiliar clothing and light skin and run in horror from their sight shouting, ‘Ooga-booga!’ It’s ridiculous. Native Americans were surrounded by people who were different from themselves. Europeans may have understood Indians as a single entity, but that is not how Native peoples defined themselves.”

(Full article is online here.)

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