At last. Room for all my stuff.


All I have to do is move to Osaka.

This 557-square-foot “shelf-pod house” was designed for a young historian with a huge collection of books on Islamic history (please note carpet and painting).  The house  features floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall bookshelves – even above the bathtub and toilet.  It can support 10 tons of books, and withstand earthquakes.  All books, all the time.

According to the architect, Kazuya Morita:

Every element — from the stairs to the windows — were scaled to the individual shelf unit, “with the aim of achieving geometrical harmony which is comparable to Islamic architecture,” Morita’s website notes.

The shelving had to be strong enough to support the entire house. “This is an unusual structure. I never experienced this kind of architecture,” said Morita, who declined to disclose the cost to build the house.  …

Considered part of a new generation of architects, the 39-year-old Morita has wowed interior design and architecture critics with the Shelf-Pod and some other innovative and unique housing designs, including the “Pentagonal House.” He noted that the Shelf-Pod was one of his most ambitious and challenging projects.

He describes his work as a harmonious marriage of traditional and modern architecture, with sustainable materials and eco-friendly amenities.

And a few other traditional amenties, too.

Take that, Kindle!

(Furnish your shelf-pod house with book furnishings – here and here.)


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