“This Dust of Words”


More news from John Felstiner, whose “wreathing” we described two days ago here:

Elizabeth Wiltsee

Elizabeth Wiltsee

This Dust of Words, an hour-long documentary by Bill Rose and based on John Felstiner’s memoir of Elizabeth Wiltsee, will be shown on KQED-TV, Channel 9, this Sunday, March 28, at 6 p.m. — link is here.


John Felstiner

Liz Wiltsee, an English major at Stanford, wrote a brilliant senior thesis with John on Samuel Beckett. After that, her life as an aspiring writer took strange turns with a tragic end. John Felstiner figures as a narrator.

John wrote movingly about his student in article a decade ago, here.

Said editor Kevin Cool:

“Elizabeth Wiltsee turned a corner somewhere that led down a dark, strange path, and she couldn’t find her way back. But her descent into mental illness was only part of her story, a story that Felstiner has attempted to make whole. In his care, she emerges alive and full of expression, a sonnet to the undiminishable beauty of a verdant mind on display.”

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