“Cerebral rock” in the news…


Camarillo, Edelstein, Wampole, Harrison & Harrison

“There are plenty in higher education who devote themselves to interpreting rock and roll as literature. Fewer devote themselves to the interpreting literature as rock and roll,” says Steve Kolowich in today’s  Inside Higher Ed.  Read the rest here.

He writes about the newest attempt, “Glass Wave,” a group that has just released a CDRobert Harrison (the Book Haven has discussed him here and here); his brother Thomas Harrison, a literature professor at UCLA (he’s taught courses on the music of Pink Floyd); Enlightenment scholar Dan Edelstein; and chanteuse Christy Wampole, a doctoral candidate in French and Italian with a background in cabaret; and Colin Camarillo, a Bay Area jazz drummer.  Last month, I wrote about the “Glass Wave” project here.

Harrison told Kolowich: “The lyrics can be absolutely fantastic. But if the music sucks, it’s going nowhere.”


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