Okay. I’m bragging.


OK.  I’m bragging.  But my big bro, Richard Hill, is featured in the 40th issue of the Smithsonian Magazine this month, in an article called “Asteroid Hunters”:

Most of us do what we can for the environment, but Rik Hill’s actual job is to protect the planet. “Whoa, look at that!” he says, pointing at a moving blip of light on a computer screen. “It’s an unknown object. We just discovered one.”

My brother spots “near earth objects” via telescope and computer perched atop Mount Lemmon, a 9,000-foot peak north of Tucson, Arizona.  (And the author of the article, Robert Irion, at UC-Santa Cruz, provides some of the intern writers who pen the science stories at the Stanford News Service.)

I am chuffed to have a brother who is an outer space gladiator (I was about to write “rock star,” but under the circumstances…)  Said one reader I know:  “Very cool article I like how they made him sound like a super hero.”

His response:  “Like I told one group of people that sent kudos….[my wife] Dolores still has me clean the cat boxes.”  (Dolores Hill is a space scientist at the University of Arizona.)

Meanwhile, happy anniversary Smithsonian Magazine, which has been publishing “very cool” articles for four decades!  Sample quote from the interview with Miami satirist and author, “Carl Hiaasen on Human Weirdness“:  “When I go out and give speeches, the title of my speech is ‘The Case Against Intelligent Design.’ And I base it strictly on what I’ve observed here in Florida, which is that the human race is actually de-evolving, that we are moving backward on the evolutionary scale.”


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