The upshot: “Guardian” contest for blurbing Dan Brown


We are disappointed Alison Flood did not select a winner from the 39 entries submitted to her contest for over-the-top blurbs for the bookjackets of  Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code (read them here) at The Guardian.   (We discussed the contest a few days ago here.)  The Book Haven has selected its own top three favorites, listed in no particular order:

From Albanick:

…The words seem to blossom on the page so majestically as if to look the reader gently in the eyes and caress his hair. As a heterosexual man, I have no trouble admitting that after being penetrated by Mr. Brown’s soul, I spent hours weeping naked on the bathroom floor pleading to the cosmos that there might someday be a way for me to become pure enough to read the sequel.

From Happyjoel:

On the first day, we are told, God spoke – and with his “word” created all that exists. After reading Dan Brown’s masterpiece “The DaVinci Code,” you are left understanding what it is to create the entire universe with mere words. Each page like the act of creation by a compassionate and passionate deity, Dan Brown draws emotion forth from the wellsprings of the soul like the Diviners of old searching for water that would quench the thirst of the nations. Somehow his words both stop time and transcend it – you feel at once like a young child discovering magic, mirth and magnificence for the first time, and like a wizened veteran looking back and smiling at this thing we call – life.

From Trinitylam:

By reading this book I was once again bathed in the warm of my mother’s effluvium and slid from the unforgiving crimson womb into a beautiful blue florescent world, and then slapped, shaken, and suckled to life by the teat of Brown’s literary genius.

2 Responses to “The upshot: “Guardian” contest for blurbing Dan Brown”

  1. Elena Says:

    Too funny, but too true. The purple prose will continue as long as publishers need it to sell books.

  2. Resistor Color Code Says:

    reading books is my hobby and Dan Brown is one of the best authors that i have known .”~