Big plans for a small book — kudos for Olga Trusova and Dan Archer


Praise for Borderland, a 36-page comic book telling seven real-life stories about modern-day slavery (we wrote about here and here).  International Organization for Migration will print and distribute copies of the comic to 136 schools in Ukraine.  English, Russian, and Ukrainian versions of Borderland will be available.

Anne Keehn, who has been fighting international slavery for years, wrote on the Human Human Goods website about the work of Fulbright Fellow Olga Trusova‘s and Knight Fellow Dan Archers project:

There are more slaves today than ever in history. Yet, the issue of modern-day slavery has not yet cracked mainstream discourse the way we’d like. So we are always heartened to see when intelligent, creative people use innovative ways to raise awareness about what we see as the human rights issue of our time.

Archer is the art director for the Stanford Graphic Novels Project.

Olga and Dan say on their website:

“The project began with a belief that as consumers of various goods and services, people should be aware of where those come from and at what cost. The U.S. government has tremendous influence on foreign governments and their policies, therefore it is important to bring you, the reader, into the picture, so that when time comes you can influence your government.”

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