Bookstore cats, near and far, with hair and without


Purely lightweight stuff — but those of you addicted to books and cats might appreciate how the two can go together.  Miss Cellania’s Files has spotlighted bookstore cats here and here.

Two of our favorites featured here. At left, Amber of Flights of Fantasy bookstore in Colonie, New York, attacks customers with “love bombing.”  The words below read “Store Credit” — and we’d agree.

Closer to home, Ripley lived at Borderlands Books in San Francisco till last year, when she was diagnosed with cancer.  No, this is not the effects of chemotherapy — she’s a nearly hairless Sphinx.  The bookstore set up a memorial blog in her honor.

My sister used to ask, “But would we still love them if they had no fur on them?” Clearly the answer in Ripley’s case is yes.

But doesn’t she look a bit … prehistoric?

2 Responses to “Bookstore cats, near and far, with hair and without”

  1. Becky Turner Says:

    I was amused. I love cats and I’m a bookworm so two faves in one… better. I didn’t know that you can let the cats in a bookstore but I’m not complaining… Ripley does look prehistoric 😀

  2. sassha Says:

    There’s a cat also in my school library, all she can do is just sleep between the book shelves. This story reminds me of the cat. Seeing cats always makes me happy, you can see it too at
    cat pics funny. By the way, if the hairless one is Ripley, who’s the one above the book?