The Book Haven is moving!


Roland Greene, our hero

The Book Haven is moving to a different server this week, and will have a new home with Arcade.  Frankly, we’re very pleased about our new digs.  Arcade is kind of a Huffington Post for academics and others, under the benevolent guidance of Stanford’s Roland Greene, the site’s director, and an editorial and consulting board that includes some of the nation’s most eminent scholars.

You’ll be able to reach us via the same URL, and it will be the same Book Haven – it’s just that we’ll be neighbors with an elite crew instead of sitting out here all by our lonesome.

As I wrote last year:

Pretty much by word-of-mouth alone, and some nifty technological know-how, it’s now attracting more than 5,000 visitors a day.

Arcade provides a venue for scholarly articles, an intellectual network, a public conversation, a digital salon and a sounding board for ideas before they wind up between hard covers. “In my field, it’s really a boon,” said Greene, professor of English and of comparative literature. “There’s nothing like it on the web.”

The site hosts two digital-only journals – Occasion and Republics of Letters. It includes podcasts and videocasts on “The Arcade Channel” and discusses works in progress on “ArcadeWorks.”

“The Art of Translation,” in conjunction with San Francisco’s Center for the Art of Translation, also nests on the site, along with about 35 bloggers (discussions are pending to add about 20 more).

Arcade describes itself, in a brochure, as “curated but participatory” and “technologically rich in the service of ideas.”

Fine company indeed.  So, thanks, Roland!  And thank you, Arcade! And be patient, gentle readers (in the last day alone, from Uganda, Palestine, Slovakia, Guyana, Latvia, Sri Lanka, Belarus, and Kuwait, among other more or less exotic locales), there may be a few bumps during the transition from the Stanford News Service, but all shall be well.


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