All onboard! The world’s largest floating bookstore.


It’s the world’s largest floating bookstore – but then, I expect the competition isn’t stiff.  Not every enthusiastic book dealer can pony up for a 430-foot ship.  The good ship “Logos Hope” is 430 feet long, and carries 5,000 books at any time.  About 450 people can be on the ship at once.

Since its 2004 launch, “Logos Hope” has visited 42 countries.  It has hosted 2.5 million visitors onboard, and distributed 3 million books.  “Distributed” because it is run by a German charity (Gute Bücher für Alle, or Good Books for All).  It also gives health education, including help with AIDS prevention.

According to BookRiot, the ship usually stays in a port for several weeks, which allows the unpaid volunteer crew (they sign up for a year or two) to take on community projects and bring on board as many visitors as would like.

It’s currently in the Philippines, in Subic Bay.  According to its online schedule, it headed to Hong Kong, Cambodia, and Thailand in the coming months.

Read more about the venture here.  Video below for those who like boats.


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