It’s coming! It’s coming! 10th annual “A Company of Authors” next weekend!


Heavyweight champ

We’ve written about Stanford’s “A Company of Authors” before – here and here and here.  It’s your chance to meet Stanford’s top authors, all published in the last year – plus a chance to buy their books.  But the April 20th event next week is special for another reason:  it’s the tenth anniversary (doesn’t that merit pearls or copper or something?), and also yours truly, Humble Moi, will be one of the moderators, on the session featuring “The Power of Poetry.”


Unbeatable topic

The Book Haven has featured a number of these writers before – Marilyn Yalom, Irv Yalom, Bert Patenaude, Herant Katchadourian, Joshua Landy, John Perry, Ian Morris, among others.

I certainly wouldn’t presume to say which will be the best book of the afternoon, but I’m pretty sure which will be the heaviest.  I just got the Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry & Poetics –  Roland Greene is editor-in-chief – and it’s a whopping 1,639 pages.

Peter Stansky, as always, is the master of ceremonies.  We can’t do much better than give you the elegant playbill below, and urge you to come to the Stanford Humanities Center next Saturday at 1 p.m.



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