Books in Istanbul: “one of the essentials of the resistance”


The Taksim Gezi Park public library … very public.

Protesting can be tough work.  It can be hard to catch a break.  The Hurriyet Daily News has announced a new plan to help everyone out:

One of the major acts of resistance for protesters occupying Taksim Gezi Park has been to pick up a good book and read it – preferably in front of a police officer. Now, thanks to an initiative launched by publishing houses to organize book distribution, they are assured to have lots of material in the coming days.

Sel Publishing House on June 4 called on other publishing houses to step up the organization of the book aid by creating a makeshift library in the park, asking all publishers to send books and support the movement with some good literature.

“Books are one of the essentials of the resistance,” the publishing house said. More than 15 publishing houses have responded to the call.

Hat tip to the inimitable Dave Lull for this news tidbit.


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