In the shadow of D-Day anniversary, a quieter memorial for fallen soldiers in Italy…


Prime Minister Donald Tusk is second from right.

This weekend, the world has been awash with memorials for the anniversary of the June 6, 1944, Normandy Invasion. Meanwhile, a quieter event took place a couple weeks ago in Monte Cassino, Italy, inaugurating a new museum for the fallen Polish soldiers in that terrible battle – we wrote about it a little here.

Since then, Piotr Markowicz wrote to give us details about the May 17 ceremony for the 2nd Corps Memorial, which included the Poland’s prime minister, Donald Tusk. Also attending the inauguration, which took place on the eve of the major celebrations of the 70th anniversary of Monte Cassino: General Władysław Anders‘s daughter, Anna Maria Anders; Karolina Kaczorowska, the widow of the last president of Poland in exile, Ryszard Kaczorowski; as well as veterans of battle in Monte Cassino and other visitors.  Poles have also created a website for Polish soldiers in other Italian battles at Bologne, Loreto, and Casamassima  here.

The exhibition panel, part of the permanent display, is in English, Italian, and Polish below – I know, I know. The image is tiny, tiny – but if you click the image and squint a bit, you should be able to read it. The only spot of color on the panel was provided by Humble Moi. It portrays the Kultura offices in Maisons-Laffitte – I wrote about that visit here..


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