“Sapiosexual”: why Lauren Bacall knew more about it than the media ever will.


She didn’t need the word. He didn’t need the cigarette. Bogie and Bacall.

“You fall in love with people’s minds.”~ Anaïs Nin, Henry and June (Photo: Elsa Dorfman) 

One of our newer clichés. You’ve all heard it: “sapiosexual.” I just saw it again and it never fails to irritate. Often, “sapiosexual” is illustrated for online articles with smug, snotty people quoting books to each other (or sometimes scientific formulae). Because that’s what passes for “intelligence” nowadays – not the snap of synapses making new connections, or the slow radiating realization of a profound truth, crackling wit, or the electric jolt of a great mind in conversation. It has something, in the popular mind, of showing off. Spouting off Kierkegaard or Heidegger in a sort of sexual display.

Glasses. They’re usually wearing glasses. And carrying books.

But “sapiosexual” is nothing more than a plodding recognition that the most important sexual organ is not below the waist, but well above it.

Below, Lauren Bacall. Because there’s nothing sexier than a saucy comeback.

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