All of Europe is protecting Nobel winner Svetlana Aleksievich now.


Photo via Twitter

A few paragraphs from the Russian press:

Nobel prizewinning writer Svetlana Alexievich, a member of the Presidium of the Coordination Council of the Belarusian Opposition, said that unknown persons tried to get into her apartment. Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus writes about this on Wednesday, September 9 .

In the morning they called her at the door, as well as on the phone from unknown numbers. “They called me here in the morning. I was warned that there are two minibuses without numbers and a bunch of tihars, ” the Belarusian journalist, essayist, and oral historian told reporters.

European diplomats came to the writer’s apartment to protect her: the ambassadors of Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Austria, Romania and other countries, Delfi reports. “We have received signals that unknown people are calling into her apartment, probably from the security or police,” said the Lithuanian ambassador Andrius Pulokas. “We decided that [Aleksievich] could face detention.”

In addition, about 50 people gathered at the writer’s house: journalists and citizens who support her. A police car appeared in the yard.

Earlier it was reported that Aleksievich was the last member of the presidium of the council still at large in Belarus. She has stated that she was not going to leave the country. Opposition leader Maria Kolesnikova, detained earlier, is in jail .

Update: “There is no one left of my friends and associates in the Coordination Council. They are all in prison, or they have been thrown out of the country.” She continues: “I also want to address the Russian intelligentsia, to call it by its old name. Why have you remained silent? We hear very few voices supporting us. Why don’t you speak when you can see this proud little nation is being crushed? We are still your brothers.” Read her statement at PEN here.


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