Springtime with a cuppa – New York style

 ©Zygmunt Malinowski in Iceland

Zygmunt Malinowski, who has written for us here and here and here and everywhere really, has just filed a short quick photo report from the big city on the East Coast:

Cafés are everywhere in New York City, especially around business districts, shopping areas, and entertainment districts. New Yorkers grab coffee on the go while rushing to work, or sip their morning joe while casually lingering in the café. Friends meet friends and have a bite to eat, choosing pastries and light snacks, others to meet business colleagues for brief, casual, and productive meetings. Each café has its distinctive coffee brand and various snacks so one can choose among many. Some of the more popular venues: Au Bon Pain; Prett; Zuckers, known for cream cheese and bagels; Ole & Steen, a Danish bakery chain has wholesome breads and sumptuous pastries, and Starbucks is everywhere.

These two women at Ole & Steen near Grand Central were catching up with their families and friends over Skype during a rare quiet time in the café. I grabbed a quick cup of my favorite brew, my camera, and headed out to the streets.

Quiet time, Cafe Olé & Steen near Grand Central.  ©Zygmunt Malinowski

One Response to “Springtime with a cuppa – New York style”

  1. George Says:

    Back when my wife had meetings in New York, I favored a Pain Quotidien in the 50s somewhere for breakfast. I once ended up talking with a Canadian visiting New York, who had also been to The Strand that week.