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The voice of Virginia Woolf: “Do we write better? Do we read better? … Where are we to lay the blame?”

Friday, January 18th, 2013

We have only one recording of Virginia Woolf – an April 1937 program for the BBC.  I discovered these short youtube tube recordings this morning – and what a gorgeous thing they are.  A highly recommended way to start the day, especially for all those who work in words.  Which is to say … everyone.

The talk was called “Craftsmanship,” and the remarks were part of a series called “Words Fail Me.”  What does Woolf have to say about words?  “They hate being useful, they hate making money, they hate being lectured about in public.”  The third video below incorporates the first two, and more.  But I’ll include the first two in case you only have time for a snippet before starting your workday.  A transcript of the recording is at the blog “At This Now” here (and now).

I wrote about Woolf a few days ago, but I’d never heard her voice until today.  Not at all what I thought it would be.  See if you agree.