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Still confused about Les Misérables? Another chance to get it straight.

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Or the hottest?

Last night’s Oscar awards ceremony brought Victor Hugo‘s Les Misérables into the limelight again – but we’re still startled by how many moviegoers are confusing the events of 1832’s failed uprising with the more renowned 1789 French Revolution.  So let’s take the opportunity to remind you that there’s a mini-history at the Book Haven here. We’re up to 36 comments and counting.

And when you get that sorted out, we’ll start telling you about the 1848 revolution.  And then the 1851 coup d’état by Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte. And then the destruction of the last Napoleonic empire between 1870 and 1871.  It goes on and on.  With all the brouhaha, it’s a wonder they could manage an empire at all … oh, that’s right, they couldn’t… It does go some way to explaining the insane decision to sell off a third of the North American continent in the Louisiana Purchase. They were distracted.

Meanwhile, enjoy this Oscars ceremony Les Misérables medley.  And Aaron Tveit as Enjolras above at right, the coolest revolutionary ever.