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Best New Year’s resolution for 2019 – from the third monkey on Noah’s Ark

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

The best resolution of the incoming 2019 may be the one that appeared on my Facebook newsfeed, by author and former bank robber Joe Loya, who served Lompoc Federal Penitentiary, with two years in solitary for violent behavior.

Why do I like it? Perhaps it’s because I, too, feel like the third monkey on the ramp of Noah’s Ark. Joe was profiled in the movie Protagonist, directed by Jessica Yu. He worked closely with director Edgar Wright on the 2017 film Baby Driver, which received three Academy nominations.

What’s he doing in 2019? Right now, he told me, he’s in the Bay Area producing a podcast about his recovery from childhood abuse, crime, prison and “an overall violent way of being.”

“I’m script consulting on films. Like Baby Driver 2″ – I consulted on the first Baby Driver film and even had a cameo in which I played a bank guard who was dispatched by bank robber Jamie Foxx. Ironies still abound in my life.”

And below his resolution, my own favorite New Year’s Eve Facebook post from Henry Venema. And below that, a photo from my own solitary (and curiously pleasing) New Year’s Eve over my laptop, with a fine single malt in my mother’s Waterford crystal, Józef Czapski‘s Inhuman Land, and The New York Review of Books holiday issue, which has a review of Evolution of Desire: A Life of René Girard. As Maria Adle Besson put it, “un reveillon d’intellectuelle.” Doesn’t get better than that.

It’s going to be a busy year – and I hope one as miraculous as 2018 has been. Thank you all for sharing it.

The sentence “People are afraid that all people are equal” is one of the chapter epigraphs and in the text of Evolution of Desire – it’s from a conversation with Stanford’s Dantista, Prof. John Frecceroa lifelong friend of René Girard.

Happy New Year everyone, from The Book Haven!

Postscript on Jan. 2: Well, Joe, it appears there’s a precedent for a stowaway on the Ark, so we’re in luck. From an illustration of Beatus of Liébana‘s commentary, The ‘Silos Apocalypse’; 1091-1109. Thanks to Ennius (@red_loeb) for the find on Twitter. Ennius asks: “Can you spot the stowaway on Noah’s Ark?” (Elisha ben Abuya @Elishabenabuya adds: “There is a Midrash that Noah had to take two of every living thing, so that included demons as well. – Midrash Rabbah Berashit 31:13)

Orwell Watch #20: Joe Loya has had enough of “playing politics”

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Joe Loya in a car.

It’s election year, and no doubt we will find much fodder for our Orwell Watch, from all points on the political spectrum.

Here’s a good catch from Joe Loya on Facebook: “Politicians decrying other politicians ‘playing politics’ with an issue has to be one of the goofiest moral spectacles on the planet. What are they supposed to play? Badminton? Third base? (Sen. McCain, Prez. Obama plays politics because he is a politician, like you!) These knuckleheads sound as stupid as if they bemoaned cellists playing cellos, or basketball players tossing basketballs in baskets, or race car drivers driving race cars. I mean, c’mon, ‘politic’ is right there in the word ‘politician.’ Dummies!”

He was, of course, challenged:  Is a smoker wrong for telling someone not to smoke?  Shouldn’t a murderer warn a kid not to murder?

Da Man

His rebuttal:  “All I’m saying is if I applied for the job of dishwasher and then the other dishwasher tried to make me appear morally inferior to them for washing dishes while they are also washing dishes, all I’m saying is they are idiots for hassling me for doing what I was hired to do, what is in fact the job description in the title ‘dishwasher.'”

What can we add?

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