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What’s Jon Stewart telling the young journos at the Michigan Daily?

Monday, August 4th, 2014

420maynardVia the Michigan Daily grapevine, I heard that Jon Stewart would be larnin’ the current crop of journalists at 420 Maynard, with help from Neetzan Zimmerman, former editor of Gawker.  The old building where I spent most of my time as a University of Michigan undergraduate looks far more spacious, far less cramped, than it appeared in real life decades ago – that’s the camera work, I suspect. However, this may be the real innovation: it looks much cleaner than I remember it, as if someone shrank the whole building and dunked it repeatedly in a bucket of soap and bleach. What accounts for the change? No more printer’s ink and typewriter ribbons make for less smeared surfaces, most probably – we were one of the last holdouts for hot-type presses, locking up the paper the old-fashioned way at 1:40 a.m., six nights a week. And of course nobody smokes cigarettes anymore. In the background of the clip, I see the refrigerator in place of the funky old machine where we used to get small, 5-cent Coca Colas in thick green bottles. We lived on those, and took pride that we were considered the New York Times of university newspapers.

What does all this have to do with now, now, now, and finding click-bait? Let the experts tell you how in this short clip.

Meanwhile, you can also see the historic Michigan Daily building for yourself. And maybe you’ll pick up some tips from Jon or Neetzan. I picked up one of his tips in this headline. But I skipped the advice about the side-boobs. (But what the hell, I didn’t spend 15 minutes on the headline, anyway.)