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Home furnishings, continued

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

We’ve written about books-as-tables here.  But say, don’t you need a chair to go with that table?

Look no further.  Timorous Beasties introduces La Bibliochaise.  For a mere $7,000 (not counting shipping costs from Scotland) you could sit on about 5 meters, or about 16 feet, of bookshelf space.

Alternatively, try the Parisian Dondola, from Made 75.  The English version of the site says “Price on Request.”  I consider that an early warning signal.

For a high art version, see Richard Hutten‘s stacked book chair in Ghent (below) — with the Dutch artist inside of it.  The internationally renowned, 40-something Hutten is considered “one of the most well-known and most unconventional Dutch designers,” according to the Chair Blog. “Hutten is a conceptual designer but his designs are highly functional, each and every one of them. Often the object will even have multiple functions.”

Obviously, none of the multiple functions include actually reading the books.

No mention of a price for the Hutten piece — you have every reason to fear the worst…

I think I’ll stick to Ikea.